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Cómo ganar enemigos / How to Win Enemies

Cómo ganar enemigos / How to Win Enemies Closing Night Film

Argentina, 2015, Run Time: 78 Minutes, Genre: Comedy

The Guild Cinema


Sunday, September 18th


6:30 PM

Lucas, a modest, young Jewish lawyer with a penchant for detective stories, meets the beautiful Barbara in a café. Sexy, independent, and with good taste in literature, she seems perfect, and Lucas, enthralled, takes her home after their first date. Things aren‘t always what they seem, however, and Lucas wakes up to find his financial savings, and Barbara, gone. Determined to find her, Lucas sets off like the hero in one of his beloved books, and, as he pieces together the puzzle of the grand theft, realizes that his closest allies may be his biggest foes.

Una tarde Lucas conoce a su chica ideal, linda y lectora. Por desgracia ella resulta ser una ladrona, y él una de sus víctimas. El cree que “lo vendió” alguien de su entorno, sabe que quienes mejor nos conocen pueden ser nuestros peores enemigos.

  • Director: Gabriel Lichtmann
  • Language: Spanish with English subtitles
  • Awards: Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2015: Schoumann Award: Best Film
  • Tags: Full Feature, Sun, Sept 18th

Cast & Characters

Martín Slipak, Javier Drolás, Inés Palombo, Eugenia Capizzano, Carla Quevedo

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