Cine Magnifico 2016


Chile, 2015, Run Time: 97 Minutes, Genre: Romantic Comedy

The Guild Cinema


Friday, September 16th


8:15 PM

Alma is fun to be with, but suffers bipolarity. She kicks his husband out as she finds out he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. However, after splitting up, he realizes he is still in love with Alma. Determined to get her back, he travels to Buenos Aires, where Alma is now dating an Argentinian guy.

Alma, una mujer divertida pero bipolar, echa a su marido, Fernando, de casa porque se entera que él ya no la soporta. Alma conoce a un pretendiente argentino, y se marcha a Buenos Aires. Fernando, decidido a recuperarla, viajará a buscarla.

Cast & Characters

Javiera Contador, Fernando Larraín, Nicolás Cabré, María Izquierdo.

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