Corações Sujos 'Dirty Hearts'

Corações Sujos 'Dirty Hearts'

Country Brazil, 2012, Run Time: 90 Minutes


Saturday, June 1st


4:30 PM

In Brazil, immediately after the Second World War, the immense population of Japanese immigrants (the largest out of Japan) was greatly repressed by the State. For these immigrants, oppressed in a strange land, the idea of defeat in the Second World War was very painful. Many organizations, fueled by the ignorance forced upon the Japanese community by the Brazilian government, were formed then and dedicated themselves to falsely divulging the “truth” of Japan’s victory in the war and to repress and assassinate the “defeatists”, i.e. the “dirty hearts”.

Cuando Japón perdió en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, una nueva guerra comenzó en Brasil. Una guerra entre los inmigrantes japoneses que aceptaron y quienes no aceptaron la derrota. Corazones sucios es la historia verdadera de uno de esos soldados.

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