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Three Climates of Life in "Climas" - and Three Stories in the Nation of Peru

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climas posterClimas follows the separate stories of three Peruvian women.  Through these three women, three different stages of a woman{s life in Peru are told through the main characters, as well as three different socioeconomic classes and three different regions of Peru.  The young woman is Eva, who is experiencing her first sexual encounters and lives in the “selva” region.  The woman entering the phase of maternity is Victoria, who is from the upper class in the capital city of Lima and has a terrible secret of her own.  Finally we have the story of Zoraida, an elderly woman from the Andean region who receives an unexpected visit from her son.

Climas is directed by Enrica Perez, a Lima native who has made a great impact in the Peruvian film scene with this film, her feature length debut.  Perez has explained in interviews that one of the driving inspirations and underlying themes of this film, which she has worked on for the past eight years, was the idea that living in different climates have an amazing impact on the way we live and experience our lives and the lives of others.  We often talk about economic and social divisions, but we don’t talk as much about climate divisions.  For this reason, the climate and natural environment of each of the three main geographical settings – the selva, the city and the Andes – plays a large role in the narrative of each of the three characters who live there.  

Join us for this expansive and evocative drama, three stories in one nation.  Our Showcase Film screening is on Saturday evening, September 19th at 6PM @ The Bank of America Theater.  See you all there! 

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